Pajarito Trailhead

Pajarito Trailhead parking lot, 300 m west of the Gun Club in Rendija Canyon.

From Pojoaque take Rte 502 to Los Alamos. Continue on 502/Trinity Drive to the intersection with Diamond Drive (major intersection; Diamond is a 4 lane road). Get in right lane when approaching Diamond. Turn right on Diamond and follow it about 3 miles to where it ends in a roundabout. Get in the left lane when approaching the roundabout. Drive 3/4 of the way around the roundabout and up North San Ildefonso Rd. At the top of the mesa, after three blocks the road you are on veers off to the right and becomes Barranca Rd. Instead, continue straight on San Ildefonso Rd (i.e. turning left beside the play area) towards the Sportsman's Club. The road winds downhill and then up a small rise. At the top of the rise, where the road turns from pavement to gravel, turn left into the parking area.

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