NMO Cibola NF training meet

Meet Type: 
Regular Meet
Meet Time: 
Saturday, November 20, 2010 - 9:00am - 3:00pm
Andrea Carvey
Map Location: 
Cienega Canyon Map
Start Location: 
Cienega Canyon start locations


Are you an able navigator in the great outdoors, on and off trails? Do you feel safe using a map to go somewhere new to you? Can you read a topographic map with ease? Do you get much use out of your compass? If your answer to any of these questions is "no", orienteering with New Mexico Orienteers can help you turn "no" into "yes".

Learn field navigation skills from expert coaches, then apply your new skills on one or more sport orienteering courses designed specifically to help you practice these skills.


Orienteering training meet. Multiple beginner White courses, multiple advanced beginner Yellow courses, intermediate Orange course; Green and Red advanced courses. Coaching is free. White courses are entirely on trails, great for families with small kids and for first time orienteers to get familiar with using the map, clues, punch card, and punching.


Anyone who wants to participate. This event is open to everyone and prior experience is not needed. Participants of all skill levels are welcome.

Definitely coming:
Moriarty HS JROTC, Moriarty
Hot Springs HS JROTC, Truth or Consequences
Valley HS JROTC, Albuquerque
Girl Scout Troop 10142, Albuquerque
Girl Scout Troop 3505, Gallup
Boy Scout Troop 702, Corrales

Thinking about it:
Boy Scout Troop 286, Albuquerque

(At NMO's September meet in Los Alamos, Hot Springs HS NJROTC fielded 9 teams (28 cadets) on the Yellow course and their team with the best finish on Yellow also finished the much more difficult Orange course in very good time. Well done!)


Parking at Cienega Canyon Parking Area #3 and Cienega Canyon Group Site. Fee for picnic area day use $3. Maps and driving directions are here. Check in at Parking Area #3. Toilets will be open.

Pre-printed course maps will be waiting for you if you request them from Una Smith by noon on Thursday. There are 2 different White courses and 4 different Yellow courses. If time allows you can do more than one course. We recommend first time sport orienteers do a White course to get the hang of it, then a Yellow course. You pay only for course maps you pick up at check-in. Please say how many people are in your party and how many maps of what color each person wants. Each person needs a map, even if part of a team. It would be most helpful to e-mail this information in the following format (this will help us decode handwriting on the punch cards!). Please include your phone number.

Jim Smith  1 W, 1 Y  505 123-4567
Bob Smith  2 W
Amy Smith  1 Y, O
Cat Smith  R

On-site registration and coaching begins at 9, starts 10-noon, all orienteers must finish by 2pm, picnic and awards to follow. Bring your own sack lunch or bring something simple (cookies, crackers, fruit) to share potluck with others. All done by 3pm. Volunteers are always appreciated to help pick up control flags and pack up meet equipment.

First map adult $8 (member $6); junior to 18 $5 (member $3), under 9 w/adult free; second map $3. Compass rental $1. Membership individual $10, family $20.

Youth groups please contact Una Smith ASAP to register in advance; this saves you time on meet day and ensures we have enough course maps pre-printed for you. See also NMO information for youth groups.


Meet director Andrea Carvey. Registrar Una Smith.

Course design and setting: Whites and Yellows by Andrea Carvey, Orange by Stephen White, Green by Jerry Boyd, Red by Robert and Edna Schwartz. Course vetting by the above and Jeff Hunker. Control hanging by the above and Luis Aguirre.

Coaching by Jerry Boyd, Jared Quintana, Jennifer Quintana.

This event is conducted under a Special Use Permit obtained by NMO from the United States Forest Service, Cibola National Forest, Sandia Ranger District.

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