NMO information for youth groups

Many organized youth groups in New Mexico and adjacent states enjoy orienteering with us, and New Mexico Orienteers welcomes your youth group to do the same. We have some special arrangements and tips for you.


We have a special registration fee for youth groups. We require persons registered under this fee to run courses in teams of 2 to 4, starting and finishing together, and going to each control together. If time allows, teams may run more than one course, and teams may be made up separately for each course.

There is no fee for any child under age 9, when accompanied on a course by a responsible adult.

Going it alone

If a person in your youth group wants to go on a course solo, please discuss this with us beforehand. We permit this gladly, if it is not against your organization's rules and we are comfortable that the person has sufficient navigational skills. Optionally, we may offer a shadow. A shadow is an experienced, fast orienteer who has a course map and follows along behind, keeping your person in sight, providing assistance only if absolutely necessary. Our regular (not youth group) fees apply, and there is an additional map fee for the shadow.

All our meets are open to the public, and individuals and families are welcome.


Please contact Una Smith to register in advance; this saves you time on meet day and ensures we have enough course maps pre-printed for you. Also let us know if you need us to provide an IRS form W-9.

Study guides

Our national organization Orienteering USA has developed training materials tailored for youth groups and youth group leaders here.

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) training materials are available from our national affiliate Orienteering USA here. Article 15.3 of the New Mexico Activities Association constitution, pertaining to JROTC groups (download), states: In the future, should any New Mexico JROTC program wish to host an orienteering competition, affiliation with [New Mexico Orienteers] or [Orienteering USA] may also be established.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Girl Scouts of America (GSA) training materials are here. Also, requirements for the Boy Scouts of America Orienteering Merit Badge are detailed on MeritBadge.org. Requirement 7a includes finishing a cross country course; a cross country course at a NMO meet would be an Orange course, any advanced course (Brown, Green, Red, Blue, Black), or any Score-O or Rogaine. Requirement 8 includes designing and setting a course. Perhaps your scouts who are working on this would like to design and set a course for one of our meets? Requirement 9 involves serving as meet director or staff; NMO welcomes scouts who are working to satisfy this requirement.

Youth groups and NMO

Youth groups that have participated in meets hosted by New Mexico Orienteers include:
*Valley High School AFJROTC, Albuquerque
*Moriarty High School JROTC, Moriarty
*Hot Springs High School JROTC, Truth or Consequences
*Bowie High School JROTC, El Paso, Texas
*GSA Troop 123, White Rock
*GSA Troop 10142, Albuquerque

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