BSA Philmont Scout Ranch

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron NM has three IOF standard orienteering maps. Information about these maps has been gleaned from the collective memory of orienteers participating in discussions on Attackpoint.

Name Scale Contour interval Year made Comment
Miranda 1:10000 5 meter 1973 Miranda is a meadow on the east side of Baldy Mountain. The closest good vehicle access point is one or two days hike away at Ponil.
Crater Lake 1:20000 25 feet 1973 Cartography by Goran and Gunnar Ohlund, "famous Swedish Orienteering racers"; a very crisp map
Urraca North 1:15000 5 km 1984 This map location is on top of Urraca Mesa, a 20 minute drive west of Philmont Training Center and close to the iconic Tooth of Time. Original cartography by Michael Stern. This map is now (2010) in OCAD and being used for teaching orienteering to BSA troop leaders (details here).

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