UWC Montezuma

Armand Hammer United World College of the American West, located in Montezuma NM (near Las Vegas) has an IOF standard orienteering map of its campus and surrounding area of about 5 square kilometers.

Name Scale Contour interval Year made Comment
Montezuma 1:15000 40 feet
12.2 meters
1987 This map has been used for training the college's search and rescue team affiliated with New Mexico Search and Rescue. Controls were empty gallon milk jugs.

Local Attractions

UWC–USA is a remarkable 2-year college on the International Baccalaureate plan, meaning it spans the senior year of an American high school and the freshman year of an American college.

Montezuma NM is notable for its Victorian era resort hotel, Montezuma Castle. The castle now is part of the UWC–USA campus. Las Vegas also boasts notable historic hotels and residential neighborhoods with architectural interest.

Hot springs on the Gallinas River, just west of Montezuma on NM highway 65, are open year round.

Gas, food, lodging

Tent and RV camping is provided just 3 miles away at Storrie Lake State Park. In summer UWC-USA can accommodate approximately 200 people in campus dormitories.

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