February 9, 2010 - NMO Ski Orienteering & Snow Shoeing Event - Results

Saturday's Ski O' was a super event. The weather was perfect, the snow was outstanding, with excellent courses. Thirty one people participated among the three courses, and even though the early starters had to break trail in deep snow along parts of the routes, everyone came back in smiling. Kudos to Peter Ridlington, who ably and creatively directed the meet, and did yeoman work getting all the controls out in all that snow. Hearty thanks to all the others who helped out with the meet: Jan Bear, Rick Kelley, and Robi Mulford vetted; Judy Opsahl set the short course and she and Una Smith helped with registration; Don Siebe helped with starts and finishes. Numerous people helped pick up controls, so that all controls were in by the end of the day. Our thanks, too, to the staff of the Valles who provided a snowmobile and driver to help Peter check all the controls to be sure they were still there after the snow, and who groomed trails before the meet.

Judy Opsahl


1. Edna & Robert Schwartz 1:40:00
2. Nina Perea, Scott Tulloch, & Nevada Twitcher 2:04:00
3. Ian Swift & Robi Mulford (estimated; unofficial) 2:58:00

1. Sagi Granot 2:01:00
2. Amy Regan, John & Ben Rees 2:30:00
3. Mike & Timo Schacht 2:37:50
4. Dick Opsahl 2:47:15
5. Justin, Nikolas & Kristofer Torgerson 3:05:15
6. Susanne Felser, AnnaLee Vetch, and Karen Matherly DNF

1. Dave Nicholson & Jeff Hunker 2:03:13
2. Steve Prickett 2:03:47
3. Robi Mulford 2:33:00
4. Stuart Trugman & Toni Taylor 2:46:06
5. Jan Bear & Sean Wilson 2:47:00
6. Kim & Dominic Purpura 3:20:05
7. Nancy Bourne & Don Fenstermacher 3:58:50