October 1, 2011 - Oak Flats

It was a fabulously beautiful day in the mountains south of Tijeras for an orienteering meet! NMO was asked to join with NM Adventure Racing Club for this event. Courses included White, Yellow, Orange, and Green Orienteering courses, a Mountain Bike Orienteering course (which didn’t have any takers), and a 4-hr Adventure Race which included a mountain bike course and the Green Orienteering course.

The courses were on a new map that is in the process of being developed for orienteering, and has many issues to be resolved. In addition, I was unable to explore the area myself to design the W, Y, O courses, because I had broken my ankle three months ago. So, the intrepid orienteers who participated were, in essence, guinea pigs: Jackie Shane, Carl Gable, Sherry Timmerman, Paul Carson, Robbi Mulford, Ian Swift, Richard Williams, Courtnee Bennett & Daryl, Mike Schacht and his entourage, Eagle.

The Adventure Racers seemed to enjoy learning about orienteering…having to learn the symbols, not having to deal with declination, going to the controls “in order”, since they are not used to these details.

We are really excited about this area! There is a lot of potential for some great orienteering and we are looking forward to more meets here!

And a big Thank you to all our incredible volunteers, Stephen White, Luis Aguirre, Maria Aldana, Mike Schacht, Jeff Hunker, plus others helped retrieve controls, Eagle, Courtnee Bennett (if I missed you, I totally apologize).


1 Eagle / Mike Schacht 0:27
2 Ian Swift / Luis Aguirre 0:27
3 Courtnee Bennett / Daryl 1:15
4 Richard Williams 1:09
5 Robbi Mulford 1:26
6 Paul Carson 1:39
7 Sherry Timmerman DNF
8 Jackie Shane Carl Gable 2:25

Stephen White
Mike Schacht
Luis Aguirre
Maria Aldana
Courtnee Bennett
Eagle (and Timo and Wind)
Jeff Hunker
Andrea Carvey