August 2, 2008 - Doc Long, Albuquerque, Regular Meet

Results from 8/2/2008 meet at Doc Long

Jeff Hunicer 1:25:15 RED
Jan Bear 1:27:41 RED
John Pascal 1:37:29 RED
Steve Cave 3:16:00 RED
Jennifer Quintana (and group total 4 persons) 3:04:19 ORANGE

Scott Stevenson 1:37:11 Radio - O
Kevin Nichols 1:43:00 Radio - O

Our volunteers were as follows.

Kevin Nichols registration and starts, Control removal
Scott Stevenson Control scouting
Jeff Hunicer Control scouting, control placing, vetting

Without our volunteers our meets are not possible. Please consider volunteering for a meet sometime. For volunteering the above listed was able to run a course for free.