July 14, 2007 - Doc Long, regular

 About 40 people participated in last Saturday's meet, including a group from Amarillo, TX, and a couple from Las Cruces. Moss Aubrey and his crew of course setters (Jerry Boyd and Andrea Carvey) set some challenging courses for advanced orienteers, but also managed some fun white and yellow courses, that were enjoyed by a girl's soccer team orienteering for the first time, and both a long and a short orange course. All in all it was a great meet. Many thanks Moss for ably directing the meet, Jerry and Andrea for their help in course setting, and to Andrea for getting the Forest Service to finally issue our permit just in time for the meet. It is good for a year, and hopefully we will have an easier time getting our permit next year.


As always, a meet can't be put on without a lot of help. We are grateful for vetters Colm Connaughton, Andrea Carvey, new member Scott Stevenson, Michelle Palmer, and Jason Taylor, and for Jason Taylor, Judy Opsahl, Tami Martinson, Dick Opsahl & Kathy Siebe, who helped with registration, starts, and finish results. Did I miss anyone? Everyone's help is much appreciated.

We have some new members who joined at the meet, and I will send out an official welcome to them in my next e-mail which will also contain details of the next meet, August 25. Meanwhile several of us are going up to ,Colorado for the RMOC multiday meet and the USOF convention. If you have been thinking about going, the deadline for registration for any or all parts of the event is July 28th. It will be a fun way to spend a week this summer.

- Judy Opsahl


White: 1.7 km, 50 m
Place Runner Time
1 Brenna, Ashley, Mari & Iliana 35:18
2 Sierra, Jasmina & Dominique 35:50
3 Anna & Erica Taylor 60:10
4 K. Siebe 95:54
Yellow: 2.1 km, 75 m
Place Runner Time
1 Tami Martinson 50:15
2 Daniel Eng 66:01
2 Ekaterina Orekhova 66::01
4 Matt, Ernie & Fernando 72:55
5 Jody, Minnie & Iliana 76:00
6 Hose Chavez 88:20
6 Parston Mubvumba 88:20
6 Robert Schwartz 88:20
9 Quintana Family 114:47
10 Kathy Siebe DSQ
Short Orange: 3.3 km, 190 m
Place Runner Time
1 Scott Stevenson DNF
2 Anton Zilman DNF

This course was cancelled because of an error on the part of the organizers. Control #7 was hung in the wrong location. Most of the entrants had successfully completed the course up to that point. Times given below are approximate for the first 6 controls. We are truly sorry for allowing this to happen.

Long Orange: 4.5 km, 235 m
Place Runner Time
1 Colm Connaughton 112:00
2 Michelle Palmer 117:00
3 Yudi Wong 159:00
4 Don Siebe 188:00
5 David Karberg DNF
Green: 4.5 km, 225 m
Place Runner Time
1 Richard Opsahl DNF
Red: 4.5 km, 310 m
Place Runner Time
1 Erik Holmstrom 110:50
2 Colm Connaughton (vetting) 165:00
3 Kat Orekhova DNF
4 Jeff Hunter, Nikki Wright & Steve Prickett DNF
5 Peter Ridlington DNF
6 Kim Bear DNF
7 Jeanette Brasher DNF
7 Bill Donaghue DNF

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out. DSQ - disqualified, e.g. mispunched a control