March 25, 2006 - Doc Long, regular

 Last Saturday was our second meet on our Albuquerque map. Thirty people participated, the weather cooperated, and Andrea Carvey did a fine job as meet director and course setter, and also handled registration with the help of Karen Kendall. Lisa Spader helped hang and take down controls. Steve Cave handled starts and finishes. Colm Connaughton vetted the long orange course. Greg and Karen Kendall gave instruction to newcomers. Robert Schwartz, who came all the way from Amarillo, TX, and Judy Opsahl also helped picking up controls. Many thanks to all (including the other vetters, whose names I don't have) for all you did to make this meet a success. We appreciate your help and, in fact, couldn't do it without you. We are looking forward to more meets on this map.

Two new members joined us at the meet, Warren Wylupshi and Terry Ryder. We welcome you both and will look forward to seeing you at future meets.

--Judy Opsahl

White: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Jon Brown 0:44:51
2 Larry Zentner 0:58:00
3 Pam Seigil 1:11:25
4 Terry Ryder 1:16:02
5 Chris Smith 1:29:14
6 Ron Becker 1:29:47
  Kurt & Lisa DNF
Yellow: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Nancy Leinneweber 2:37:30
  Larry Zentner DNF
  Zuo Tian group DNF
  Terry Ryder DNF
Orange: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
  Colm Connaughton (VETTER) 1:51:16
1 Robert Schwartz 1:54:27
2 Jim Anderson 2:16:10
3 Dick Opsahl 2:29:24
4 Greg Kendall 2:29:30
5 Harvey 2:49:56
6 Wylupski & Reich 3:00:04
  Tami Martinson DNF
  Anne York DNF
Long Orange: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
  Moss Aubry DNF
  Lynn Aldrich DNF

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out.