April 15, 2006 - Rendija South, regular

Thirty five people braved high winds last Saturday to participate in the O' meet (and Robert Schwartz braved both high winds and high gas prices to come all the way from the Amarillo, TX area). Colm Connaughton did a fine job of meet directing. Course setters were Colm, Dave Scudder, and Judy Opsahl. Tami Martinson, Garth Reader and Robi Mulford vetted. Various people helped with registration, starts and finishes and with instruction for newcomers. Since I wasn't there (being in Boston for Dick's running of the Boston Marathon) I don't know the names of all who helped, but everyone's efforts were greatly appreciated. it's the participation of you all in helping at the meet that makes the meets possible.

Two new members joined us at the meet. We heartily welcome Morton Palmgren of Edgewood and the Gordon Keating family from Los Alamos. We're looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming meets.

--Judy Opsahl

White: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Aliosha, Anna, Denis & Oleg Zaboronski 00:34:43
2 Partin family 00:53:50
3 Thomas Knudson, Rosemary Saxton & Zac Flamig 01:09:53
4 Kathy Siebe & Rebekka Smitd 01:16:09
Yellow: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Tami Martinson (vetting) 01:21:20
2 Flannery & Gordon Keating 01:28:45
3 Fillan & Ian 01:29:19
4 Aliosha, Anna, Denis & Oleg Zaboronski 01:29:22
5 Marwin Cowder & Marwin Espinoza 01:40:54
6 Yoshi Tokiwa, Ricardo Urbano & Ana Paula Urbano 01:58:54
7 Jessie & Melissa Gonzales 02:07:43
8 Kyle Beery 02:09:43
Orange: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Dave Scudder 01:05:06
  Thomas Knudson, Rosemary Saxton & Zac Flamig DNF
Green: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Morten Palmgren 01:08:24
2 Garth Reader (vetting) 01:37:00
3 Damian Swift 01:38:58
4 Craig Siebe 01:41:50
4= Colm Connaughton (collecting) 01:41:50
6 Robert Scwartz 02:06:04
7 Don Siebe 02:49:50
8 Andrea Carvey 03:16:35
  Robi Mulford DNF

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out.