May 20, 2006 - Rendija South, regular

We had 24 participants if you count the new sports editor for the LA Monitor, who came to find out more about orienteering, walked around the white course, and then wrote a nice article in the Sunday Monitor. Participants came from as far away as Amarillo, TX (2), Albuquerque (5) and Taos (2). The weather cooperated, clouding over so it wasn't too hot, and everyone seemed to have a good time. White, yellow, orange, brown, green, and red courses were set, and we had compliments on all of them. Robi Mulford not only ably directed the meet, but also set the white, yellow, and red courses and handled registration. Damian Swift and Judy Opsahl set orange and green,and vetters were Tami Martinson, Colm Connaughton, and Damian Swift. Dick Opsahl handled starts and finishes and Judy Opsahl handled instruction for newcomers. Jan Bear came up from Santa Fe towards the end of the day and rand red and green, picking up the controls on each. We are grateful for everyone's help. As always, we couldn't run a meet without all your help.

--Judy Opsahl

White: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Tami Martinson (vetting) 37:55
2 Edna and Robert Schwartz 1:00:19
3 Laura Livermore and Yayoi Tanida 1:20:00
4 Emily La Luna and Moss Aubrey 1:23:01
Yellow: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Moss Aubrey 1:10:10
2 Fillan Swift 1:34:52
3 The Heikoops Family 2:01:05
Orange: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Colm Connaughton 2:12:07
- Carol Brevik DNF
Brown: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Jason Taylor 52:20
2 David Karberg 1:23:59
- Tami Martinson DNF
Green: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Jim Anderson 3:55:30
Red: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Andras Libal 3:02:53
2 Robert Schwartz 3:40:00
3 Steve Cave 4:16:44
- Damian Swift DNF
- Morton Palmgren DNF

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out.