August 26, 2006 - Rendija East, regular

We had a lot of competition from the Valles Caldera drive through, but nonetheless 21 hardy people braved occasional rain, thunder, and threat of lightening to participate one of 6 courses in yesterdays. meet. Cheers to Colm Connaughton for handling the preparations and the meet so well. Miraculously, the serious rain held off til we were almost done. Two people out on the red course, and Tami Martinson picking up the orange controls got soaked. Everyone else was in before the rain. As always it takes a lot of people to make a meet run smoothly. Colm, in addition to meet directing, set the advanced courses, Robi Mulford set the orange, and Judy Opsahl set white and yellow. Vetting was done by Damian Swift, who did the advanced courses, Greg and Karen Kendall, who vetted orange, Tami Martinson who did yellow, and Michelle Palmer who vetted white. Damian Swift helped with set up, and Tami, Judy Opsahl, Robi Mulford, and Bill Donahue helped with various tasks during the meet. Judy, Tami, Robi, and Colm picked up controls. Many thanks to all who helped. We also have two new members, Mike Hertrich and Michelle Palmer. We;come to you both!

--Judy Opsahl

White: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Michelle Palmer (vetting) 35:00
2 Lana, Simona & Philip Martin 47:16
3 Quintana family 1:58:03
Yellow: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Tami Martinson (vetting) 1:17:04
2 Michael Hertrich 1:28:11
3 Federico Vazquez & Michael Clark 1:28:58
Orange: 4.6 km, 185 m
Place Runner Time
1 Michelle Palmer 2:45:06
  Andrea Carvey DNF
Brown: ??? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
  Dave Barfield DNF
Green: 5.0 km, 200 m
Place Runner Time
1 Robi Mulford 1:15:53
Red: 6.8 km, 250 m
Place Runner Time
1 Eric Holmstrom & Travis 1:59:34
2 Damian Swift (vetting) ~2:10
3 Dave Scudder 2:24:22
4 Bill Donahue 2:39:14
  Ivar Martin, Steve & Kyrill DNF

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out.