September 16, 2006 - Rendija West, regular (Nat'l O Day)

 This was Natinal Orienteering Day! The weather was beautiful, the courses interesting and the advanced courses challenging. Some 85 people participated. The string course that Robi Mulford set for little kids was a huge success. About 15 kids participated, and it was fun to see them running along the string to cardboard animal control features that Robi made, pasting on the sticker they found there onto a colorful control card that Robi also made, and then running along the string to the next "control". Many thanks to Robi for her tremendous effort which brought so much fun to so many kids.

As our biggest and most complex meet of the year, it took a tremendous effort on many people's part. Course setters were Colm Connaughton (who set brown, green and red), Garth Reader (orange) and Judy Opsahl (white & yellow). Vetters included Robert Schwartz who came from Amarillo on Friday to vet Green, and Moss Aubrey, who came up from Albuquerque early Sat to vet yellow, Damian Swift , red, Judy Opsahl, brown, Greg and Karen Kendall, orange, and Michelle Palmer, white. Helping out at the meet were John Pascal (who came over from Farmington), Robert Schwartz David Barfield (who handled registration through the crush of group registrants, Garth Reader, Bill Donahue, Greg and Karen Kendall, Colm Connaughton, and Michelle Palmer, all of whom performed multiple tasks. As a result, beginners got the instruction they needed, and everyone who went out on the beginning course finished. Helping to pick up controls were David Barfield, Moss Aubrey, Colm Connaughton, Jan Bear, and Morton Palmgren. Many many thanks for all of you who contributed to such a successful meet.

- Judy Opsahl

White: ? km, ? m
Place Runner Time
1 Leighton & Salvador 32:16
2 Randy & Jared 32:05
3 Zana Konecai 45:11
4 Bev 47:30
5 Mahesh Bandi 47:59
6 Holly, Jenna & Andey 49:00
7 Amanda, Christina & Lexi 52:11
8 Tom & Chris Fairbanks 58:18
9 Joe Fitzpatrick 1:04:00
10 Mills, Walker, Thul 1:04:25
11 Walstro Family 1:16:00
12 Piotrowicz Family 1:28:25
13 Eryn, Ande & Sammie 1:40:44
Yellow: ? km, ? m
Place Runner Time
1 Jared, Belane & Randy 50:02
2 Michelle Palmer 55:57
3 Nona, Zuri & Alexx 1:05:07
4 Martin & Matthew Schauer 1:13:50
5 Partin Family 1:18:45
6 Jim Johnson Family 1:22:22
7 Dimid Hayes 1:24:11
8 Leslie, Mora & Marquez 1:33:44
9 Stuart Trugman 1:36:56
10 Daniel Trugman 1:38:51
11 Leighton & Salvador 2:11:54
Orange: ? km, ? m
Place Runner Time
1 Colm Connaughton 57:28
2 Ivar Martin 1:13:48
3 Jorgen Holmstrom 1:27:00
Brown: ? km, ? m
Place Runner Time
1 Moss Aubrey 1:46:59
Green: ? km, ? m
Place Runner Time
1 John Pascal 1:57:42
Red: 7.0 km, 330 m
Place Runner Time
1 Blake Wood 1:37:41
2 Morten Palmgren 1:45:16
3 Robi Mulford 2:30:25
4 Bill Donahue 2:39:18
(vetting) Damian Swift ~2:35

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out. DSQ - disqualified, e.g. mispunched a control