April 23, 2005 - Los Alamos, Street O

Street Orienteering in Los Alamos town, for Earth Day.

It was a beautiful day for outdoor activity yesterday, and about 12 people participated in our Street O' (never as popular as our in-the-woods O' but fun for all who did it) Another 30 or so participated in the Nature O that we set up in conjunction with the PEEC. Many of these were people who hadn't orienteered before, so it introduced a lot of people to the fun of orienteering.

For the second time this year, we had a visitor from abroad at our meet. Jorgen Holmstrom from Sweden, who was visiting his son here in Los Alamos, went out on the short course.

And we have new members in the form of the Mountain Canine Corps, who did the long course (three people, two dogs) on their first try, and came in in a very respectable time. We welcome them and look forward to seeing them again as well as more of their members at our future meets.

As always putting on a meet is a product of the efforts of lots of Lisa Reader did a fine job as Meet Director, aided by Karen Kendall, Dick Opsahl, and Judy Opsahl, who set the courses and also helped with registration, starting and finish results. Garth Reader vetted the two competitive courses, and then later went around the short course again picking up control flags, and Dave Scudder picked up flags on the long course. Many thanks to all.

Judy Opsahl

Long: 5.7 km
Place Name Time
1 Dave Scudder 0:48:27
2 Erik Holmstron 0:48:40
3 Damian Swift 0:49:39
4 Robi Mulford 0:52:00
5 Steve Sheets 0:56:40
6 Mountain Canine 1:02:10
Short: 2.1 km
Place Name Time
1 Jorgen Holmstron 0:19:00
2 John Ericksen 0:26:46
3 Fillan+sherpas 0:41:14
4 Tami Martinson 0:47:33