May 14, 2005 - Rendija Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with four courses on the southern half of the Rendija Canyon map.

Despite a rather cold, windy start to the day Saturday, 32 people participated in our orienteering meet, and a good time was had by all. Fortunately, it got warmer as the day progressed. We had a full range of courses, although the most popular were white, long orange and red. For the third meet in a row, we had someone come from a distance to take part in our meet, Dick and Nancy Neuberger, orienteering friends of the Opsahls from Kansas City not only came for the meet, but also gave a tutorial on using OCAD (the orienteering map making program), and helped at the meet by vetting, instructing newcomers, and picking up controls.

As always putting on a meet is a community operation, and we couldn't have done it without many helpers. Robi Mulford set the white and yellow courses, Rainer Bleck set the orange and long orange, and Judy Opsahl set the red and green courses. Vetters were Rainer Bleck, Dick and Nancy Neuberger, Jan Bear, and Garth Reader. Laura Hlinik, who was on the disabled list for the last two meets, came up from Santa Fe to help with registration and finish results, and Rainer Bleck handled starts. Then, when everyone finished, Dave Scudder, Rainer Bleck, and Dick and Nancy Neuberger picked up the controls. Many, many thanks to you all.

And A hearty welcome to new members who joined at the meet: Jim Johnson from Rio Rancho, and the Dombrowski family--David, Maureen, and Justine--from Los Alamos. 
- Judy Opsahl

White: 2.04 km, 75 m
Place Runner Time
1 Rainer Bleck 40:00
2 M & C Stallings 54:00
3 Rabin group 1:04:00
4 Dombrowski family 1:11:00
5 Tencate family 1:15:05
Yellow: 3.83 km, 95 m
Place Runner Time
1 Dick Neuberger 41:39
Orange: 3.3 km, 140 m
Place Runner Time
  DuBois, DuBois, & Maez DNF
Long Orange: 4.8 km, 175 m
Place Runner Time
1 Jim Johnson 1:55:00
2 Purpura & Kavash 2:32:00
3 Jeanette Brasher 3:25:52
4 Rob Rikoon 4:00:02
Green: 4.5 km, 185 m
Place Runner Time
1 Garth Reader 1:03:00
2 Robi Mulford 1:14:12
3 D & N Neuberger 1:32:41
4 Dick Opsahl 1:53:04
Red: 5.4 km, 225 m
Place Runner Time
1 Dave Scudder 1:04:10
2 Damian Swift 1:09:29
3 Jan Bear 1:20:52
4 Stillwell, Talmage, & Taylor 1:22:50