June 18, 2005 - Rendjia Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with seven courses on the western half of the Rendija Canyon map.

Despite heat and a major conflicting event (the bike ride in the Valles), 22 people participated in Saturday's O' meet, with a full array of courses, including our first ever brown course (short advanced). We used the western part of the map, which had a lot of downed trees in places, but also some great locations for controls. Kudos to Robi Mulford for putting on the meet (and setting the red course to boot). Other course setters were Greg and Karen Kendall, Damian Swift, and Judy Opsahl. Laura Hlinak handled registration and just about everything else (starts, picking up controls). David Barfield helped with finish results and picked up controls. Vetters were Jan Bear, Rainer Bleck, Damian Swift, Dick Opsahl, and Mouser Williams, and Rainer Bleck, Judy Opsahl, Damian Swift and Robi Mulford also picked up controls. As always it takes a joint effort to put on a meet, and we are grateful to all who helped out.

David Barfield, back in town after a winter in Tucson, renewed his membership, and we have two new members: Colm Connaughton, and the Bowman/Schlacter family. We welcome them all and look forward to seeing them at future meets. 
- Judy Opsahl

White: 2.25 km, 70 m
Place Runner Time
1 Wendy Burket 1:19:54
2 Mike, Joshua, and Steven Strevell 2:31:13
3 Laura Hlinak (collecting) 2:37
Yellow: 2.7 km, 90 m
Place Runner Time
1 Rainer Bleck (vetting) 1:07
2 Bowen and Dombrowski 1:41:30
Orange: ???? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Dave Barfield 1:24:58
Long Orange: ???? km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Damian Swift (vetting) 1:02:30
Green: 4.8 km, 285 m
Place Runner Time
1 Colm Connaughton 2:08:02
2 Dick Opsahl 3:32:39 (DNF)
Red: 6.18 km, 450 m
Place Runner Time
1 Damian Swift 2:27:49
2 Bill Donohue 2:42:18
  Jan Baer 3:10:22 (DNF)
3 Lynn Bjorklund 3:13:58
4 Mouser Williams (vetting) 3:20
5 Steve Cave 4:00:14
Brown: 2.76 km, 125 m
Place Runner Time
1 Jan Baer (vetting) 1:09
2 Matt and Lisa Spader 2:08:02
3 Judy Opsahl DNF

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out.