August 27, 2005 - Rendija Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with five courses on the eastern half of the Rendija Canyon map.

We had a super meet last Saturday. Over 55 people participated, including a group of JROTC cadets who came up from El Paso (they'll be really glad when our Albuquerque maps is done!). As always, putting on a meet is a group effort, with Una Smith doing a great job as Meet Director (no small task when you have a 16 month old to tote along). Course setters were Una, Robi Mulford and Judy Opsahl. Vetters were Colm Connaughton, Jan Bear, Greg Kendall, Karen Kendall, and Judy Opsahl. Dave Barfield, Dick Opsahl, Una Smith and Karen Kendall helped with registration, starts, and finishes, and Dave Barfield, Greg Kendall and Colm Connaughton helped pick up controls. Many thanks to you all. We couldn't do it without you.

Some new members joined at the meet: Anil and Dilshani Karmel and family, Jeff and Cheryllyn Heikoop and family, and as part of Jan Bear's membership renewal, Kim Bear. We welcome you all and look forward to seeing you at future meets.

-- Judy Opsahl

White: 1.6 km, 45 m
Place Runner Time
1 Alea Campbell and Staci Matlock 0:26:55
2 Dave Baldridge 0:46:50
3 Saul Gandara 0:48:26
4 Jeff, Cheryllyn, Alisha and Phillip Heilkoop 0:49:30
5 Jim and Carol Andersen 0:56:13
6 Anil and Dilshani Karmel and kids 1:03:22
7 Doug, Marci, Kyle and Lauren Partin 1:07:50
Yellow: 3.4 km, 245 m
Place Runner Time
1 Andras Libal 1:22:00
2 Kim Bear and Jeanette Brasher 1:35:00
3 Osvaldo Estrada 1:35:12
4 Fillan and Ian Swift 1:45:26
5 Tami Martinson 1:50:38
6 Rusty and Sara Newton 2:06:35
7 Rabin Family 2:10:10
8 Kathryn Berchtold and Jennifer Young 2:11:20
9 Lucky Turipa and Family 3:32:40
Orange: 3.9 km, 180 m
Place Runner Time
1 Colm Connaughton 1:31:05
2 Julio Chavez 1:39:20
3 Laura and Ken McClellan 2:11:11
4 Andras Libal 2:28:30
5 David and Justine Dombrowsky 2:36:07
6 Kate Bowman 2:36:07
7 Salvador Gallardo 3:02:57
DNF David Barfield  
DNF Luis Castaneda  
DNF Alain Gaytan  
DNF Rogelio Gonzalez  
DNF Carlos Alvarez  
DNF Lisa and Sierra Spader (orange/green)  
Red: 5.6 km, 224 m
Place Runner Time
1 Jan Bear 1:36:55
2 Tatyana Svistun 1:38:38
3 Jerry Boyd 2:16:43
4 Bill Donohue 2:21:07
5 Steve Cave 3:40:24
DNF Dick Opsahl  
GPS: 2.4 km, 180 m
Place Runner Time
1 Jim Andersen 0:46:48
2 Saul Gandara 1:21:02

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out.