September 17, 2005 - Rendija Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with four courses on the eastern half of the Rendija Canyon map.

National Orienteering Day... Wow! 154 people participated in our meet Saturday, almost doubling our previous attendance record of 84! We had a gorgeous day, the wildflowers were magnificent, and everyone had a good time. Fortunately people materialized at the last minute to help. Dave Scudder and Robi Mulford rescued me from having to do all the courses plus run the meet by setting and hanging green respectively. Vetters were Steve Ball, white, Una Smith, yellow, Jan Bear and Ries Robinson, orange, and Jason Taylor, green. When Jason took longer than expected vetting green, Jim Johnson went out to look for him, vetting green backwards. They missed each other but both eventually got in. Kathy Siebe did a magnificent job of creating order out of chaos handling registration. Dave Scudder handled starts and finishes, also doing a magnificent job of creating order out of chaos. When the finishes began coming in as fast as the starts, we recruited Joe, Commander of the Albuquerque HS JROTC to handle recording finish times. Major Joe Cancellare, Commander of the El Paso JROTC group checked punch cards, and Dave Barfield hung the finishes. Meanwhile, Dick Opsahl, and Greg and Karen Kendall provided instruction for newcomers, and first Una Smith and then Greg Kendall went down into Rendija Canyon to make sure the JROTC and scout kids headed in the right direction (some of them tended to follow whoever they saw ahead of them, even if the party ahead of them was on a different course). And Tami Martinsen and Andrea Carvey helped out wherever needed, which was everywhere.

The result of everyone's hard work was that we got everyone through and the last person in by 3 PM. Fantastic job, everyone. Control picker uppers where newcomer and new member, Deb Ehlers, who picked up White, Tami Martinsen, Jim Johnson, Dave Barfield, Damian Swift and Robi Mulford and one other person who divided Yellow with Tami and whose name I'm forgetting at the moment. Tweak my failing memory and I'll give you full credit. In any case I am exceedingly grateful to all who helped. Many, many thanks to you all. We couldn't have done it without you!

Several new members joined at the meet. We welcome Deb Ehlers,the TenCate family (Jim, Deborah, Emily, and Lauren), Samuel Chu, Robert Schwartz (who came from Amarillo, TX for the meet), the Partin family (Doug, Marci, Kyle and Lauren), and will look forward to seeing you all at future meets.

--Judy Opsahl

White: 2.1 km, 45 m
Place Runner Time
1 Jose, Robert and Juan 0:20:30
2 Hector, Kyle and Fabian 0:25:46
3 Heven, Rachell and Ashley 0:29:31
4 Venita Small 0:30:23
5 Partin Family 0:30:50
6 Samuel Vincent 0:34:00
7 Sienna, Mary and Miss Mary 0:35:06
8 Charles Dawe, Ward Willis,Alex Bohlin,Steven Martinez 0:37:30
9 Cheryl Foster 0:37:36
10 Vinith, Vidal and Isaac 0:38:46
11 Foley, Phyllis, Madison, Sierra, Reid, Brooks 0:41:00
12 Andrew, Santiago and Mike 0:43:15
13 Brandon Boldman, Dustin Clark 0:43:22
14 Katherine and Kelli 0:44:00
15 Karmel Family 0:46:55
16 Tasia and Matthews 0:47:10
17 Tracy Brooks 0:48:00
18 Deb Ehler 0:48:13
19 Cody, Steven, Joseph 0:48:39
20 Emily TenCate and Cassidy Gardner 0:57:00
21 Aubrie Powell and Jacque Kieltyka 0:57:12
22 Cristina Roman and Jordan Parker 0:57:13
23 Megan Dawe, Elizabeth Waddell, Leah Newman 0:58:00
24 Nancy Fleming, Allison Dawe, Cynthia Lupien 1:00:53
25 Eileen Kysar and Allie Parker 1:01:00
26 Olga Mauricio 1:01:25
27 Shelby Anderson and Lauren TenCate 1:06:00
28 Michael and Nelson 1:10:02
29 Alison Mercer Smith and Patricia Poths 1:11:00
DNF Jessica and Christina  
DNF Lisa Sloan and Stormy Turcotte  
Yellow: 2.9 km, 95 m
Place Runner Time
1 Michael, Steve and Nelson 0:45:21
2 Samuel Chun 1:00:19
3 Chuck, Alex and Ward (Troop 1) 1:04:12
4 Tami Martinson 1:09:31
5 Sienna, Allison and Mary 1:11:13
6 Jim and Carol Andersen 1:13:06
7 Leah, Kelly and Elizabeth 1:14:00
8 Una Smith (vetting) 1:14:00
9 Nancy, Mary and Cynthia 1:18:43
10 Cody Nickles 1:25:24
11 Jennifer and Kathryn 1:33:04
12 Brandon Boldman, Dustin Clark 1:35:02
13 Josh, Kassandra, Angela 1:35:53
14 Matthew and Tapia 1:46:12
15 John and Jane Hartnett 1:53:41
16 Heikoop Family 2:05:55
17 Dombrowski Family 2:09:00
18 Lisa Sloan and Stormy Turcotte 2:27:00
DNF Dave Baldridge  
DNF Guillermo Silva  
DNF Jose, Kayla and Venita  
DNF Mar Lopez and Joanna Zodiga  
DNF Josh, Jake and Katie  
DNF Daniel, Dale and Elyssa  
DNF Jody, Sue and Lucky Turipa  
Orange: 4.6 km, 180 m
Place Runner Time
1 Jan Bear and Ries Robinson (vetting) 1:01:00
2 Dave Scudder 1:06:28
3 Jim Johnson 1:13:28
4 Robert Schwartz 2:01:20
DNF Luis Ontiveros  
DNF Ovaldo Estrada  
DNF Savanah and Maria  
DNF Todd, Hannah and Jonathan  
DNF Eric, Cody and Ray  
DNF Al, Kody and Whitney  
Green: 5.0 km, 200 m
Place Runner Time
1 Erik Holmstrom 1:22:20
2 Damian Swift 1:56:48
3 Jason Taylor * 2:01:00
4 Jan Bear and Ries Robinson * 2:10:07
5 Bill Donahue 2:16:57
DNF Dave Barfield  
DNF Salvador Gallardo *  
DNF Tommy Pantoja *  
DNF Alain Gaytan *  

There was a mismarking on the clue sheet for the code of control 4, fixed part-way through the morning. Entrants marked * had to deal with the error.

DNF - did not finish, one or more controls missed out.