September 24, 2005 - Bayo Canyon, Night O

Night O, with two courses on the all-new Bayo Canyon map.

We had a blast at the Night O' on Saturday night. Thirty people came, some from as far as Albuquerque and Taos. The courses were interesting, and everyone found all the controls. The start and finish was at the Opsahl's house, so the meet finished with festivities: Kim Bear brought a delicious cake (and family and friends) to celebrate Jan's 50th birthday, several people chipped in on pizza, and Dick Opsahl shared his home brewed beer.

I have always said it takes a lot of people to run a successful meet, but this meet was virtually a two person show. Greg Kendall worked all summer long to produce a first rate map of Bayo Canyon, and he and Karen set and vetted the courses, got the reflective tape and the plastic pipe to make the control flags visible in the dark, helped with set up, registration, and picked up the controls. Dick Opsahl handled starts and finishes, but otherwise, it was the Kendalls. We owe them a lot of thanks.

--Judy Opsahl

Short: 2.5 km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Damian Swift 0:31:09
2 Kim and JJ Bear, and Bob and Carol Kurth 1:02:30
3 Partin Family 1:09:04
4 Lucky and Jody Turipa 1:12:00
5 Jim Andersen and Carol Brevik 1:13:23
Long: 4.5 km, ?? m
Place Runner Time
1 Erik Holmstrom 0:40:20
2 Jason and Melissa Taylor and Pete Stillwell 1:08:35
3 Jan and Samantha Bear, and Paul Laur 1:22:57
4 Aaron Smith, Justin Williams, Chase Cook 1:27:15
5 Garth Reader 1:27:21
6 Steve Prickett, Dominic Purpura and Kim Kavasch 1:39:02
7 Wes and Jane Shumaker 2:22:34
8 Steve Cave 2:25:30