June 20, 2004, Rendija Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with five courses on the southern half of the Rendija Canyon map.

There were five courses - white, yellow, orange, long orange, and green.

About 30 people participated in this event, despite the heat. Watermelon, cookies, and soda were provided. Damian Swift was meet director. Course setters were Robi Mulford, Judy Opsahl, Laura Hlinak, and Damian. Vetters included David Barfield, Mouser Williams, and Steve Ball. Rick Kelley, nursing a broken rib, helped with whatever needed to be done at the start/finish, aided by Mouser Williams, Laura Hlinak, and Karen Denison. Laura, Karen, Damian, and Dave Scudder picked up controls.

Two new members joined at this meet: we welcome Jan Bear and Debbie Warenko.

Judy Opsahl


Results are coming soon.