July 24, 2004 - Rendija Canyons, Regular Meet

A regular meet with five courses on the western half of the Rendija Canyon map.

There were five courses - white, yellow, orange, green and red.

45 people participated in this meet, including a group of girls scouts from Roswell. By some miracle the rain held off until evening, so we were not only able to hold a rainless meet, but also get in all the controls before the skies opened! Judy Opsahl was meet director; Judy, Robi Mulford, and Damian Swift set courses. Damian, Garth Reader, Dick Opsahl, and Dave Barfield vetted the courses, and Dave also stayed around to do the finish results and pick up controls. Rainer Bleck handled the start/finish, and he, Laura Hlinak and Damian and two Tucson orienteers up here for the meet helped pick up controls.

Our biggest challenge was having 14 girl scouts and three leaders, all first time orienteers, arrive at once, but Laura Hlinak, Garth, and Damian stepped in to guide them through the registration and course copying process, getting them their start time, and then walking them through the first three controls till each group felt confident to go on on their own. The girls all finished the white course, ate some lunch, and then went out on the yellow course.

Also, welcome to our new member, Eddy Hellebuyck, and family, from Albuquerque. Eddy orienteered at the elite level in Belgium many years ago. His children are all beginners. We welcome them all.

Judy Opsahl

Place Name Time
1 Ken & Laura McClellan 28:43
2 Steve Janns & Dennis Hellebuyck 45:50
3 Fleming, Dawe and Corman 57:00
4 Megan Dawe group 59:00
5 Miranda, Gloria, & Sienna 59:20
6 Julie Wishau & Julia 1:04:50
7 Carol Gargano 1:05:00
8 Irma Dutchover group 1:06:50
9 David Barfield (vetting) 1:07:03
10 Mary Dawe group 1:10:50
Place Name Time
1 Sean & Erika Neitzke 42:05
2 Ken & Laura McClellan 44:00
3 Steve Cave 45:15
4 Dick Opsahl (vetting) 1:14:00
5 Mary Dawe group 1:26:26
6 Irma Dutchover group 1:29:04
7 Megan Dawe group 1:41:30
8 Nancy Fleming group 1:54:50
DSQ Goddess group 1:54:15
DNF Nancy Potenza  


Place Name Time
1 Dick Opsahl 2:08:05
2 Steve Cave 2:13:08
3 Spader family 2:23:55
DNF David & Lucas Henderson  


Long Orange
Place Name Time
1 Garth Reader 1:09:52
2 Damian Swift (vetting) 1:18:00


Place Name Time
1 Mark Parsons 1:32:50
2 Robi Mulford 1:41:56
3 Max Suter 1:45:26
4 Gerry Boyd 3:21:50


Place Name Time
1 Eddy Hellebuyck 2:36:10


DNF indicates that the runner did not finish the course, usually because they missed one or more controls, or because they lost their control punch card during the race.

 DSQ indicates that the runner was disqualified, usually because they punched an incorrect control (from another course) or they did not do the controls in the proper order.