September 18, 2004 - Rendija Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with five courses on the southern half of the Rendija Canyon map.

National Orienteering Day! More than 50 people participated in Saturday's meet; more than 20 were first time orienteers. Thanks to all who came along. We had great weather: the rain held off until the last finisher was in (if not the last control collector). There were 5 courses (red was green with the masochism extended) in "Rendija South" starting and finishing at the Pajarito Trailhead. Dick and Judy Opsahl, Robi Mulford, and Damian Swift set courses. The intrepid vetters were Judy and Dick Opsahl, Una Smith (with William and James), Laura Hlinak (extra intrepidity points for close encounter with a rattlesnake), Mouser Williams (ditto even closer with a cactus), Bill Donahue, and Dave Scudder. The many people kind enough to help out at the start/finish, contribute food, and collect controls included Kathy Siebe, Mona and Bert Dennis, Dick Cooper, and David Barfield, as well as Dick, Judy, Laura, Una, William, James, Robi, Mouser, and Dave. Garth Reader mentored newcomers to orienteering. Damian Swift was meet director, so any administrative glitches were all his fault! Several people checked the wrong box and carelessly became new members: welcome to Avneet and Cindy Sood, Ken and Laura Mc Clellen, Jake Poston, and Karen and Greg Kendall. And Bill Donahue came up with an orienteering joke (and they said it couldn't be done...)


Please let us know if you think there might be a mistake - it can be tricky to juggle paying attention to starts and finishes with the arithmetic.

Red (7.6 km x 310 m, 19 controls)
Place Name Time
1 Dave Scudder 168:12
2 Bill Donahue 175:07
3 Jan Bear & Ries Robinson 214:55
4 Dick Opsahl 260:54
DNF Greg Scudder 180:15
DNF John Jensen 259:50


Green (5.7 km x 265 m, 13 controls)
Place Name Time
1 Steven Cave 159:10
2 Ericka Nietske & Christy 171:50
3 Matthew & Beth Barnes 195:48
4 Karen & Greg Kendall 213:17
5 Laura & Ken McClellan 214:02
6 Dennis Langlois 261:02


Orange (4.4 km x 185 m, 14 controls)
Place Name Time
1 Carlos Pérez 109:36
2 Vanessa Pinon 112:31
3 Jake Turin 104:25
4 Laura Hlinak 153:10
DNF: 4-6 Yodira Gonzalez 58:30
DNF: 4-11, 13, 14 Elliott & Jake 85:54


Yellow (2.9 km x 80 m, 12 controls)
Place Name Time
1 K. Belle & Rob H. 55:42
2 Josia Balandran 83:39
3 Una Smith & James Szinger 85:50
4 Avneed & Cindy Sood 90:58
5 Robi Mulford & Fillan 93:32
6 Jim & Nicole Beldzik 103:12
7 Leticia Balandran 108:34
8 Gordon Keating (+2) 113:42
9 Joseph & Lois Thompson 142:18
DNF Alain Gaytan ?


White (1.9 km x 70 m, 10 controls)
Place Name Time
1 Richard Blake 65:01
2 Avneet & Cindy Sood 77:05
3 Tomas Pantoja 83:15
4 Derek Selvage 84:58
5 Doug, Tommy, Cameron, and Tom 97:01
DNF: 5, 10 Kathy Mulder 52:00
DNF: 3, 5 Oswaldo Estrada 110:49
DNF: 3, 5 Eliazar Alvarez 111:18


DNF indicates that the runner did not finish the course, usually because they missed one or more controls, or because they lost their control punch card during the race.

DSQ indicates that the runner was disqualified, usually because they punched an incorrect control (from another course) or they did not do the controls in the proper order.