October 23, 2004 - Rendija Canyon, Mini-rogaine

Mini-rogaine over the whole of the Rendija Canyon map.

This event was a mini-rogaine. 56 people participated and all appeared to have a good time. [! Must have been the drugs.] The weather was perfect. We had some pretty windy weather in the week after we hung most of the controls, but only one blew down (and blew away). Fortunately, Damian Swift found it later in a stream bed not too far from where it was supposed to be, so we haven't lost it, but runners spent time looking for it without success. That was the only glitch of the day.

Finishers ran in under a Finish banner that was due to the combined efforts of Kathy Siebe, who made the banner and Dick Opsahl, who built the frame and posts for it. Many thanks to both.

And as always, we couldn't have put on the meet without the help of so many people. I'm especially appreciative because a lot of people came forward to help out when I was out of commission from shoulder surgery. Special thanks goes to Rick Kelley, who first updated the map and then accurately pre-printed all the controls on it, as well as set controls and helped out at the meet. Many thanks to control setters Una Smith, Garth Reader, Dick Opsahl, Robi Mulford, Damian Swift, and Rick Kelley. Many thanks to control hangers Rainer Bleck, Jan Bear, Damian Swift, Robi Mulford, Greg and Karen Kendall, and Dick Opsahl. And many thanks to control picker uppers, Dave Scudder, Greg Scudder, Damian Swift, Garth Reader, Greg Kendall, and Robi Mulford. Karen Kendall and Laura Hlinak helped Rick Kelley with checking punch cards at the finish.

-- Judy Opsahl


Asterisk: those who helped set controls were not eligible for a prize (but were still eligible for a placing: sorry about the confusion in the original web posting).

4-hour, overall
Place Runner Score
1 Team: Carl Gable and Dave Coblentz 1290
2* Damian Swift 1260
3* Jan Bear 1250
4 Ries Robinson 1240
5* Garth Reader 1100
5= Dave Scudder 1100


4-hour, age over 40
Place Runner Score
1 Team: Carl Gable and Dave Coblentz 1290
2* Jan Bear 1250
3* Garth Reader 1100
3= Dave Scudder 1100
5 Team: Tim Kirkpatrick and John Moeller 850
6 Jack Stump 810
7 Gerry Boyd 760
8 Blake Wood 720
9 Phil Wood 700
10 Steve Cave 670
11* Dick Opsahl 550
12* Greg Kendall 290
13 Ellen Scudder 180
14* Karen Kendall 170


4-hour, age 20-40
Place Runner Score
1* Damian Swift 1260
2 Ries Robinson 1240
3 Greg Scudder 720


2-hour, overall
Place Runner Score
1 Team: Carolyn Bell, Allen Pratt, and Derek Prince 210
2 Falk Herwig 190
3 Laura Hlinak 180


2-hour, age over 40
Place Runner Score
1 Laura Hlinak 180
2 Tami Martinson 130
3 Andrea Carvey 120
4* Team: Robi Mulford, Fillan, and Pilsie 120
5 Sheila Schiferl 0


2-hour, 20-40
Place Runner Score
1 Team: Carolyn Bell, Allen Pratt, and Derek Prince 210
2 Falk Herwig 190


2-hour, under 20
Place Runner Score
1 Moriarty Team 2: Jared Baron and Al Krone 110
2 Moriarty Team 5: Perra, Pacheco, and McComb 60
3 Moriarty Team 3: Williams and Campos 50
3= Moriarty Team 6: Whetstone 50
5 Santa Fe Team 4: Andrea and Antonia 20
6 Santa Fe Team 1 -10
7 Santa Fe Team 2: Jerry Williams -30
8 Moriarty Team 4 -70

Two of the Moriarty teams were obviously either too tired or too dissatisfied with their scores to hand in their punch cards. Or else they're still out there - sorry folks, we took in the controls!

Scoring System:

There were 52 controls scattered all over the map (including one bonus powers-of-observation control that wasn't marked on the map, oops). Each control was worth between 10 and 60 points depending on how difficult it was to get to. For 60 we could have hidden it under a rock: stop complaining. Runners coming in after the time limit had 10 points deducted from their score per minute late, hence the zero and negative scores. If two teams or individuals got the same score, their ranking was determined by who came in earlier.