November 14, 2004 - Rendija Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with five courses on the western half of the Rendija Canyon map.

This meet was attended by 13 competitors, all running advanced courses and braving the few inches of snow put down on Saturday. The meet consisted of red, green, orange, yellow, and white courses. The red was particularly long, more like a blue, and provided a good day out for competitors of a masochistic bent. The snow may have slowed down the running a bit, but provided a handy trail to assist in finding the controls, or in at least one case, several annoying sets of misleading tracks laid down by competitors apparently even more lost than the wayward collector of controls.

Robi Mulford was meet director. Karen and Greg Kendall, Laura Hlinak, Judy Opshal, and Robi set courses. Greg, Karen, Robi, and Damian Swift hung controls and/or vetted. Joe and Lois Thompson, Faye Brown, Damian, Laura, and Robi retrieved controls. Laura manned the signup table, start, and finish all day long in the cold, with help from Damian in eating the snack supply. They also packed up the start/finish gear at dusk.

Of particular note was the admirable course setting by the Kendalls featuring some surreal Zen control clues in the original, with haiku potential too... this is not qualitatively different: "tied to small dead tree / ankle-high, quite hard to find / east of spur, west side". On last minute translation into O-speak for the clue sheet program, some of these were sadly rendered into cowardly and unhelpful catch-alls like "Rendija canyon, south side somewhere, good luck!" We are also proud to announce the Kendall Scale of rock size. "Medium"?? The last control was retrieved 10 days after the event, by a four-strong team (OK, that includes the dog).

Red Course
Place Runner Time
1 Team: Hugh Driscoll, Kim Baer and Jan Baer 2:34:58
2 Damian Swift (vetting) 2:36:40
3 Bill Donahue 3:33:40


Green course
Place Runner Time
1 Team: Souders, Van Scheuen, and Drummond 2:12:00
2 Steve Cave 3:06:22


Orange course
Place Runner Time
1 Mouser Williams 1:18:05
2 Keith and Steve, NM Adventure Runners Club 1:48:46


White course
Place Runner Time
1 Fillan (with native porters) 1:10:35